Torneados de precisión

gives a real shape to clients’s needs


Torneados de Precisión, S.L. was born in 1971 as a family enterprise directed the mechanization of precision pieces with more than 30 years of experience, having obtained a constant competitiveness in relation (Quality I Boast Service).


Our commitment is to give the best quality to our clients. This fact is possible thanks to the continuous update of our productive processes, the incorporation of new machinery, facilities and updated technology offering a commitment of improvement to our clients it continues in the wide world of the mechanized one and especially to a good equipment (team) of professionals

A fact that demonstrates it, is that we are authorized by the certification of ISO Quality 9001/2008.


We check our clients productions needs, then we adapt our company procedures and hardware to get the best results


We use agile procedures. We have created a recursive order system that optimizes time and resources.


We work a wide range of materials, from ferric to non ferric (aluminium, bronzes, brasses and plastics

Our Team

Production of great accuracy pieces is backed up by a technologically advanced hardware, but behind that, what really counts is a great human team.